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NATA Slip Resistance Testing and Accelerated Wear Testing
Stone Initiatives are NATA Accredited slip resistance experts.

Slip Testing - British Pendulum

We are NATA quality accredited for slip resistance testing to AS4586 Appendix A and AS4663 Appendix A, and our accelerated wear testing to standard method SI-AWT:2016 is also recognised by NATA. Slip resistance after accelerated wear can be carried out in the laboratory and slip resistance can be carried out in the laboratory or onsite anywhere in Australia.

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Industry Interviews
Our Interviews with stone industry professionals


"I love stone because it is natural and ageless, with subtleties and variations that no other material can replicate."

by: Bruce Wymond, Inhabit Group

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"The first project I ever did when I went into business for myself was using limonitic sandstone, on Glenample Homestead."

by: James Charlewood, Cathedral Stone

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Our Articles relating to Stone

When Good Stone Turns Bad

Which Stone Where?

Living With Stone - Around The Pool

Granite - The Versatile Stone

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North Terrace Fountain - Adelaide Black granite


Dimension Stone Testing & Floor Finish Evaluation Services


Stone Initiatives is the only NATA accredited laboratory in Australia that specialises in dimension stone. Our testing regimes and wide experience in floor finish evaluatuion enable us to provide customised solutions that match the right stone with the unique requirements of your project. We aim to provide flooring that is strong, durable, stain and slip resistant and perfect for your project. We'll help you create a flawless finish.

Floor Finish Evaluation Services:

  • Basic physical properties

  • Fit for purpose testing

  • Stain resistance & sealer selection

  • Slip resistance and accelerated wear

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Our Services

Testing & Evaluation of Dimension Stone

Make the most of you dimension stone resource. Stone Initiatives is the only NATA accredited laboratory in Australia that is dedicated to the testing and evaluation of dimension stone.

Tests include:

Dimension Stone Testing - Jura Limestone QuarryDimension Stone Testing - Kanmantoo Bluestone
  • Water Absorption

  • Bulk Specific Gravity

  • Compressive Strength

  • Flexural Strength

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Slip Resistance

Slip Resistance & Accelerated Wear - NATA Accredited Testing

A positive first step in reducing your risk is determining the slip resistance of you pedestrian surfaces. Stone Initiatives has wide experience in slip resistance, both in product testing and litigation. Stone Initiatives is in the process of being able to offer the only NATA accredited accelerated wear test.

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Heritage Services - Holland House

Conservation of Historic Buildings

Stone Initiatives can assist you in developing the knowledge necessary to produce an informed conservation plan.

Capabilities include:

  • Dimension Stone Identification & Evaluation

  • Historic & Modern Mortar Analysis

  • Dilapidation Surveys

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Project Services

An effective testing program will minimise the problems that can be involved with the use of dimension stone.

Stone Initiatives can design a comprehensive testing program to ensure total quality control of material used during a project


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