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The Advantages of Using Natural Stones in Building Construction

While building a new home, you must be thinking about which material to use for making your perfect dream home. Why not find a solution in history? We are talking about using natural stones for construction. They have been used as a building material for thousands of years. And for good reasons.

  • Natural stones are known to age beautifully over time, give your house a rustic aesthetic appeal.
  • These stones are full of “green” characteristics. With their many low environmental impacts, they don’t require any form of energy to be manufactured and do not release any harmful chemicals to the air.
  • They are one of the most low-maintenance yet durable materials for building homes.

What is a natural stone?

Natural stones are considered to be one of the most versatile and coveted building materials of today’s age. Stones which were once widely used to build artistic fireplaces have become one of the top choices for people to build their entire houses.

Whether it is for a rustic feel in the outdoor seating area and the indoor walls of the living room, or for designing stone walkways in the house for a natural landscape, natural stone is the natural choice for many people.

What are some common stones used in building constructions?

Natural stones are best known for their versatility. Originating from materials like Granite, Slate, Basalt, Gnessis, etc., these stones can be used in many creative ways to fulfil the style statement as well as the functionality. For instance,

  • Granite is mostly used as building blocks for houses. It can also make ornamental columns, bridge piers or sea walls.
  • Slate is highly impervious to water. This is why it is used as a roof covering or embedded into walls as a damp-proof membrane.
  • Basalt is widely used for paving.

What are the qualities of good building stone?

Building stones are chosen based on a number of qualities. Some of the basic most properties are high strength, durability, toughness, appearance and reasonable cost.

Apart from these, an optimum requirement of density, absorption, porosity and seasoning are some of the more advanced features which are taken into consideration while selecting building stones.

Why to Choose us for stone testing?

Stone testing is an important criterion to fulfil before investing in the raw material (natural stones) for building your house.

Stone Initiatives is one of the only NATA accredited testing laboratories in Australia that specialises in Dimension stone.

With our extensive experience we can help you in building a flawless structure ensuring an absolute control on quality.