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The aim: To provide flooring that is strong, durable, stain and slip resistant and perfect for your project.

The solution: Stone Initiatives is the only NATA accredited laboratory in Australia that specialises in dimension stone. Our testing regimes and wide experience in floor finish evaluation enable us to provide customised solutions that match the right stone with the unique requirements of your project. We'll help you create a flawless finish.



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Project Services

An effective testing program will minimise the problems that can be involved with the use of dimension stone and other surfaces such as Terrazzo and ceramic tiles.

Stone Initiatives can design a comprehensive testing program to ensure total quality control of material used during a project.


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Heritage Services - Holland HouseStain Resistance & Sealer Evaluation

At Stone Initiatives we have developed a Stain Resistance and Sealer Evaluation standard that allows you to choose the best products for your floor.

We test and compare the effectivness of sealers on your stone product catering to the exact needs of your flooring depending on its proposed use.

Stone Initiatives can provide advise on sealer selection or we can test your choice of sealer.

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Slip and Skid Resistance

A positive first step in reducing your risk is determining the slip resistance of your pedestrian surfaces. Stone Initiatives has wide experience in slip resistance, both in product testing and litigation.

Tests include:

  • Wet Pendulum - Slip Resistance - AS4586:2013 & AS4663:2013

  • Dry Floor Friction testing - AS4586:13 & AS4663:2013

  • Skid Resistance - DTEI TP345

  • Accelerated Wear Testing - SI-AWT:2016

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Slip Resistance and Accelerated Wear - NATA Accredited Testing

Determining slip resistance after accelerated wear is becoming a critical part of testing programs, especially with so many new developments using stone flooring. Builders and Project Managers are needing to know if their chosen stone flooring will hold up to daily wear and tear and not become a costly hazard. Stone Initiatives performs standard accelerated wear testing to method SI-AWT:2016 that incorporates AS4586:2013 and is recognised by NATA. If you think your new stone flooring may be at risk of becoming a slip hazard, please contact us for more information.

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Slip Resistance