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Industry Interviews

Mary Mann speaks with Jim Mann
Principal, Stone Initiatives

Where does your interest in stone come from?
My first memory of stone is of being fascinated by the breakwater boulders at the beach. I remember looking at them and being intrigued by the variety and massive forms they created. I think that’s where it started. It’s really the history of rocks that fascinates me. Every rock tells a story, especially when you know what you are looking at. You can tell how a rock was formed, how old it is, where it comes from. Especially sedimentary rocks; they even tell you things about the climate.

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Mary Mann speaks with Bernard Clifford
Director, Kanmantoo Bluestone

How did you get into the quarrying business?
A friend and I used to lay stone for buildings and landscaping projects. In 1977 we formed the company Albern Slate Pty Ltd, and would buy stone from the Kanmantoo Bluestone Quarry.

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Mary Mann speaks with James Charlewood
Director, Cathedral Stone

Engineered materials are the favourite for new builds in Australia, but James Charlwood says it is dimension stone that will help build us a sustainable future.

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