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Mortar Analysis

Compositional Analysis Of Mortar

Testing and evaluation of mortar and render samples provides data to not only determine the suitability of the sample for proposed uses, but to be able to compare and reproduce as closely as possible to the original mortar or render used therefore faithfully conserving the heritage value of the building. Stone Initiatives assists owners, architects and conservators in developing the knowledge necessary to produce an informed conservation plan.   Stone Initiatives specialises in the analysis of historic coatings, mortar and cement products. Test programmes can be compiled from a wide range of tests conforming to standard procedures.

Tests include:

  • Bulk and Clay X-Ray Diffraction Mineralogy analysis of crystalline components
  • Cement / Lime / Sand content
  • Moisture Content
  • Total Dissolved Salt (Conductivity)
  • Sand sizing (grain size distribution)
  • Aggregate colour & morphology
  • Determination of Clay content



Stone Initiatives is committed to providing a testing and consulting service that is an asset for the heritage industry from “the ground up”.