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Technical Articles

Four Basic Keys to Successful Stone Selection

Fitness for Purpose is fundamental to the successful use of stone, but how do we evaluate a stone to ensure its suitability for a particular use or location?  In this article we will discuss four basic keys to assist in the selection and specification of the right stone for the job.    The keys are relevant to all stone users and specifiers, and they provide a useful starting point for choosing the right stone..      

Stone Selection - Federation Square, Melbourne
  • Stain Resistance

  • Strength

  • Resistance to Abrasion

  • Durability

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Industry Interviews

Mary Mann speaks to Bernard Clifford, Director of Kanmantoo Bluestone

Bruce Wymond

MM: How have the types of products you produce changed over the years?
BC: Years ago we mainly supplied stone for random paving and walling. Now we supply material for a variety of projects, from the paving and cladding in house construction, to the production of big blocks for things such as creek beds and retaining walls. Also, many people these days want Kanmantoo Bluestone as flooring inlays, for example in Prince Alfred College they have Kanmantoo Bluestone pieces inlayed in their Jarrah flooring.

MM: What do you see as being special about Kanmantoo Bluestone?
BC: It is such a unique product, with lovely rich colours. I think for a raw material, it’s one of the best. It has been tested and came up on top; it’s right up there with the best. I think it has a very good future. The saying goes that you need to move with the times or get left behind; that’s what we’re doing with Kanmantoo Bluestone, moving with the times and showing that it’s one of the best.

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