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When Good Stone Turns Bad
To seal or not to seal

The availability of large format natural stone pavers at affordable prices has resulted in a dramatic increase in the use of stone as paving in commercial and residential settings.  This increase in popularity includes the use of stone as paving as pool surrounds.  Sandstone especially is a popular choice as poolside paving.  It is generally slip resistant, cool under foot and provides a ‘casual feel’ sympathetic with the surroundings. 

However, Stone Initiatives has received calls for help from around Australia when good quality paving has begun to deteriorate prematurely.  Both suppliers and end-users have been left scratching their heads as to why their good stone has turned bad. 

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Living With Stone - Around the Pool

Summer is not far away, and some of us will be dreaming of sitting by the pool with a cool drink and a good book.   On the other hand, some of us might be in the middle of a nightmare, looking at their stained, cracked or decaying paving. 

Pools are no longer just a place for a ‘quick dip’; they are now often the centrepiece of outdoor entertaining, with the surrounding paving and landscaping just as important as the pool itself. 

We are presented with a wide range of natural and engineered products for use as poolside paving.  Selection is primarily based on aesthetics but determining fitness for purpose of the right product is important to maintain the desired appearance.  Your selection process (whether it be natural or engineered stone) should include a review of the five S’s.      

  • Stain resistance

  • Slip resistance

  • Salt tolerance

  • Strength

  • Stability

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