Summary of our capabilities

Stone Initiatives’ capability covers a wide range of Australian (AS), American (ASTM) and International (ISO) standards. We have the knowledge and flexibility to develop in-house test methods for non-routine or unusual projects.

Stone Initiatives prides itself in being Australia’s only NATA-accredited facility dedicated to testing and evaluation of dimension stone. All work is carried out in accordance with ISO17025 requirements. Our capability includes but is not limited to the services listed below:

Basic Physical Tests
Water Absorption – ASTM C97M-09
Bulk Specific Gravity – ASTM C97M-09
Compressive Strength – C170M-09
Flexural Strength –ASTM C880M-09
Modulus of Rupture – ASTM C99M-09
Resistance to Salt Attack – AS/NZS 4456.10-2003
Resistance to Acid Attack – Surface sensitivity, immersion …
Determination of Frost Resistance (Freeze/Thaw) – ISO 10545-12:1995
Abrasion Resistance – ASTM C1353-09
Dimensional Stability
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Resistance to salt attack testing

Analytical Testing
Petrographic Examination – polished or standard thin section
Whole Rock Chemical Analysis
Bulk and Clay X-Ray Diffraction Mineralogy analysis of crystalline components
Moisture Content
pH Determination
Microscopic Examination by Polished Section
Total Dissolved Salt (Conductivity)

Granite petrography

Product Evaluation
Slip Resistance – AS 4586:2013 & AS 4663:2013
Skid Resistance – DPTI TSG Procedure TP345:2.1
Accelerated Wear Testing – SI-AWT-16 – Slip resistance after wear
Stain Resistance – Effect of stain on surfaces
Sealer Evaluation – Resistance to stain after sealer application
Impact Resistance – EN 14158
Chemical Resistance – Effect of chemicals on surfaces
Strength of Stone Anchorages – ASTM C1354M-09
Breaking Load of Segmental Pavers – AS/NZS 4456.5 2003
Evaluation of Stain Resistant and Water Repellent Sealers
Adhesion Test
Bond Shear Strength
Sand Analysis – Grain size distribution & morphology
Ultimate Tensile Strength – ASTM D638-10
Water Vapour transmission of Materials
Warp testing – Measurement of deflection on exposure to wet
Weather Resistance of Slate – ASTM C217M-09

Slip-resistance testing, Gawler Place, Adelaide

Heritage Services
Identification and Matching of Historical Stone
Analysis of Mortar and Render Samples – AS 2701-2001 section 7
Analysis of Historical Paint and Wash Coatings
Dilapidation Surveys
Rising Damp Surveys
Consolidation Trials
Cleaning Trials

Mortlock Wing, State Library of South Australia

Project Services
Development of Quality Control Procedures and Specifications
Quarry and Processing Facility Capability Evaluation
Selection and Evaluation of Raw Blocks and Slabs
Quality Control Testing
Third-party Material Inspections

Non-destructive Testing
Rebound Hardness – Schmidt Hammer Hardness of building stone
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity – velocity of ultrasonic pulse through stone
Dye Penetrant Crack Testing
Visual Examination

Testing of granite blocks

Note: Some primary analyses may be outsourced to accredited suppliers.