We value the thoughts and experiences of our clients.

Jim always takes a helpful, pragmatic and creative approach to problem-solving. The quality and presentation of the reports by Stone Initiatives have always been to a very high standard. I have recommended Jim’s services to many people over the years – to other stone suppliers, but more often to government council engineers and builder/designer clients.

Wayne Blakeney, Director, Sales, Absolute Stone

I can honestly say that in the past 15 years of working with Jim and the team at Stone Initiatives, I have never had a bad experience. I have always found them good to work with, and their technical experience and advice have really helped with many projects we have completed in the past.

We have more trust in the results we receive from Stone Initiatives [compared to other labs], as Jim and the team tend to have a deeper understanding of what we are trying to achieve or want to get out of the testing or analysis. We have recommended Stone Initiatives’ services to both clients and builders.

Dan Blake, Conservation Architect, Conservation Studio

Stone Initiatives is the best when it comes to testing and review of materials. Jim and his team are very professional and accurate. As a supplier and installer we work very closely with Stone Initiatives to give our clients the best support and feedback when it comes to stone selection for their project. They provide top-quality work that is always delivered on time. I highly recommend them as they are a very professional service and always keen to provide feedback and assistance.

Matteo Gotti, Project Director, Versatile

I can’t stress how important practical advice and detailed descriptions of results are. Many organisations complete the test, hand over your results and leave you to it … they are practically impossible to interpret. This is where Jim and his team excel. I’m never been left scratching my head or feeling stupid for asking even the most elementary question.

Jim and his team are always willing to spend significant time giving practical advice. It gives us real confidence in our stone collection and the ability to convey accurate information to our customer base. If maintaining timeframes, accuracy, transparency, positive communication and sound professionalism are important to you, Stone Initiatives is our only recommendation.

James McCarthy, Co-founder, Gather Co.

I have worked with Jim for many years (should I say, a few decades) and more recently with Mark, and have always found them to be knowledgeable with regard to all aspects of the materials and properties relating to the dimension stone industry. They are always considered and open with their response.

Gosford Quarries has used the services of Stone Initiatives since the company was first founded and they are always prompt with their estimate of procedures. I recommend them without reservation because of their expertise and service.

Gary Hargreaves, Specification Manager, Gosford Quarries

My experience working with Stone Initiatives has been excellent. The work is of a high standard and is always provided in a timely manner. I often recommend Stone Initiatives to others as the service provided is always professional and their advice is backed up by extensive experience.

Ian Lamble, Managing Director, Melocco Stone

Working with Stone Initiatives has been a very positive experience – all queries are dealt with professionally and promptly, the quality of the work is 10/10 and the timeliness is spot-on.

The principal, Jim, is one of the most experienced – if not the most experienced – dimension stone experts I have dealt with. Having worked around the world, he is up there at the top. I have no hesitation in recommending Stone Initiatives for any project that is considering stone as a cladding material.

Peter Bouras, Principal, BG&E Facades

I consider Stone Initiatives to be respected industry leaders in their field. My experience working with them has been personal, efficient and informative. The quality and detail of their technical reports are excellent and the turnaround response timeframes are prompt.

On occasion we have asked for industry-specific advice regarding our marble products, particularly when working on large commercial projects, and Stone Initiatives is always willingly share their knowledge. The technical articles on the website are informative and useful resources, too.

Carolyn Spralja, Contractor/Developer, Cairns Marble

In a compliant world, Stone Initiatives is your partner to success. Working with them means we ensure the outcomes we produce are proven, and this gives us an edge over our competition.

I strongly recommend Stone Initiatives as they bring a high level of technical knowledge in their field, have detailed understanding of relevant standards and are able to assist with advice to ensure projects can meet the desired outcome and reduce the risks of non-compliance. The team has a broad range of backgrounds and they bring a high level of both technical and practical knowledge.

Ben Ramsay, Business Development Manager, Vulk