Ceramic tile testing

Our NATA-accredited one-stop testing and consulting service is an asset for the ceramic tile industry. Work with us from the development of the ceramic tile, to the utilisation of the tile at the project level and beyond.

Comprehensive testing and evaluation of ceramic tiles provides data to determine the suitability of the tile for proposed uses. Test programs can be compiled from a wide range of tests conforming to Australian standard procedures.

Tests include:
Water absorption, apparent porosity, apparent relative density and bulk density – AS 4459.3
Modulus of rupture and breaking strength – AS 4459.4
Impact resistance by measurement of coefficient of restitution – AS 4459.5
Resistance to thermal shock – AS 4459.9
Frost resistance – AS 4459.12
Chemical & Stain Resistance (In-service) – SI-STAIN-13
Chemical resistance – AS 4459.13
Resistance to stains – AS 4459.14
Small colour difference – AS 4459.16
Slip Resistance – AS 4586:2013 & AS 4663:2013

For more tests see Summary of Our Capabilities.