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Professional testing and evaluation services

Stone Initiatives is the only NATA-accredited laboratory in Australia that specialises in dimension stone. Our professional testing and evaluation services include fast and reliable slip testing, dimension stone evaluation, heritage services, mortar testing, floor finish evaluation and ceramic tile testing, as well as failure investigation and expert witness services.

We work closely with the architectural, conservation and building industries. Our team of experienced materials testing specialists and scientific officers can carry out relevant tests on site at your project in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, across Australia and internationally, or you can send samples to be tested in our NATA-accredited lab here in Adelaide.

For more information about our evaluation and testing services across Australia and internationally, get in touch or browse the services below.

Finishes evaluation

At Stone Initiatives, our testing regimes and wide experience in floor finish evaluation enable us to provide customised solutions that match the right stone with the unique requirements of your project. We’ll help you create a flawless finish.

Facades and cladding surfaces

We provide independent testing of facade and cladding surfaces that utilise natural stone. Appropriate testing conducted by experienced technicians validates engineering calculations and assists architects, engineers and other stakeholders in ensuring that their proposed facade or cladding surface is fit for purpose.

New construction

When dimension stone is used for building construction without full knowledge of its properties, problems such as cracking, spalling, staining and decay can occur. The natural variation and uniqueness that makes the stone so appealing can also bring about variability in physical properties. We can help.

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