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Testing and evaluation is our business. We understand MPa’s, kN’s and BPN’s – leave the numbers to Stone Initiatives and we’ll provide you with useful, concise results for the success of your project.

Browse our services below or get in touch for more details.

Floor finish evaluation

Our testing regimes and wide experience in floor finish evaluation enable us to provide customised solutions that match the right stone with the unique requirements of your project. We’ll help you create a flawless finish.

Ceramic tile testing

Our NATA-accredited one-stop testing and consulting service is an asset for the ceramic tile industry. Work with us from the development of the ceramic tile, to the utilisation of the tile at the project level and beyond.

Mortar testing

We specialise in the analysis of historic coatings, mortar and cement products. Testing and evaluation programs can be compiled from a wide range of tests conforming to standard procedures.

Heritage services

Heritage architecture, just like ageing humans, requires regular examination and maintenance to ensure optimal performance in its environment. Our qualified, experienced team of multidisciplinary professionals can attend to the needs of your precious buildings and help produce an informed conservation plan.

New construction

When dimension stone is used for building construction without full knowledge of its properties, problems such as cracking, spalling, staining and decay can occur. The natural variation and uniqueness that makes the stone so appealing can also bring about variability in physical properties. We can help.

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