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Stone Initiatives is the only NATA-accredited laboratory in Australia that specialises in dimension stone. Our testing and consulting service is an asset for the architectural, conservation and building industries. We know that reporting and evaluation should be about more than just numbers, which is why we provide unique insights and meaningful results, saving you time and helping you make the right choices for your valuable project.

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Stone Initiatives is the best when it comes to testing and review of materials. Jim and his team are very professional and accurate. As a supplier and installer we work very closely with Stone Initiatives to give our clients the best support and feedback when it comes to stone selection for their project. They provide top-quality work that is always delivered on time. I highly recommend them as they are a very professional service and always keen to provide feedback and assistance.

Matteo Gotti, Project Director, Versatile

In a compliant world, Stone Initiatives is your partner to success. Working with them means we ensure the outcomes we produce are proven, and this gives us an edge over our competition.

I strongly recommend Stone Initiatives as they bring a high level of technical knowledge in their field, have detailed understanding of relevant standards and are able to assist with advice to ensure projects can meet the desired outcome and reduce the risks of non-compliance. The team has a broad range of backgrounds and they bring a high level of both technical and practical knowledge.

Ben Ramsay, Business Development Manager, Vulk

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