Meet our key personnel

James (Jim) Mann

Principal and Chief Consultant

Jim Mann is the principal and chief consultant at Stone Initiatives. He founded the company in 2003 and has since then guided its growth and development into a leading international dimension stone and materials testing company.

Kate Tonkin

Materials Testing Specialist – Finishes Evaluation Services

Kate Tonkin oversees the Surface Finish Evaluation department, encompassing slip-resistance, accelerated wear, stain-resistance and sealer selection. She is motivated by seeing how the effective use of dimension stone contributes to outstanding building projects.

Mark Milevski

Materials Testing Specialist – Heritage Services

Mark Milevski is a geomaterials scientist with an interest in heritage and conservation. He has a Bachelor of Science (Geology, Geophysics and Applied Geology) from the University of Adelaide and a Certificate II in Construction.

Thomas (Tom) Baggs

Scientific Officer – Finishes Evaluation Services

Tom Baggs is a geomaterials scientist with an interest in petrology and petrography, involving the detailed study of the composition and structure of rocks. He has a Bachelor of Science (Mineral Geoscience) with First Class Honours from the University of Adelaide.

Will Wesley

Scientific Officer – Physical Properties Testing

Will Wesley is a scientific officer with a focus on physical properties testing. His education background and exceptional skills in analysis place him as a unique specialist in analysing testing data and understanding the relationships between different physical properties of natural stone.

Mary Mann

Media and Communications Manager

Mary Mann is a communications specialist with more than fourteen years of experience in media, journalism and editing. She has a Master of Editing and Publishing from Monash University and a Bachelor of Media (Journalism) from Southern Cross University.

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