Dimension stone testing and evaluation

Build confidence in your stone product and be assured of its fitness for use. Appropriate testing will determine the properties of the material and give you insight into thickness requirements for various paver formats for it to meet relevant industry standards or load requirements.

Avoiding failures in dimension stone

Testing of dimension stone is also vital in avoiding product failures. Stone is a natural product, so understanding its strengths, weaknesses and any variability is important. If you’re testing for a particular project, it’s best to test from a batch proposed for use on the project. It’s also important for us to test at a thickness and finish that is relevant to the project.

Which tests are right for your stone?

Stone Initiatives is the only NATA-accredited laboratory in Australia that is dedicated to dimension stone testing and evaluation. You can send stone samples to be tested at our lab here in Adelaide, and we also work on dimension stone projects on site in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, around Australia and internationally. Test programs can be compiled from a wide range of tests conforming to ASTM, European and Australian standard procedures. Quality assurance testing by statistical sampling can be carried out to assist in the continuous production of a quality product at the quarry and factory level. Get in touch to discuss which tests are right for your product or project.

Tests include:
Water Absorption – ASTM C97M-09
Bulk Specific Gravity – ASTM C97M-09
Compressive Strength – C170M-09
Flexural Strength – ASTM C880M-09
Modulus of Rupture – ASTM C99M-09
Resistance to Salt Attack – AS/NZS 4456.10-2003
Resistance to Acid Attack
Freeze – Thaw Resistance – ISO 10545-12:1995
Abrasion Resistance – ASTM C1353-09
Dimensional Stability
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

For more tests see Summary of Our Capabilities.