Who we are

Testing and Evaluation Service

There is no shortage of laboratories that can provide a report full of seemingly obscure numbers. Stone Initiatives’ service benefits your business by evaluating the data to reveal the full potential of your product. Our reporting and evaluation is tailored to your needs. The report can include recommendations for possible uses and a market comparison, allowing you to focus your marketing for maximum results. This essential knowledge, will allow you to market, specify and use your product with added confidence.

Our Business

Stone Initiatives is recognised as one of the predominant materials testing facilities in the Australasian region. We are dedicated to the testing and analysis of dimension stone and related architectural building materials; we are committed to providing a testing and consulting service that is an asset for the architectural, conservation and building industries from “the ground up.”

Stone Initiatives services include:

– determination of the physical properties of dimension stone and related products
– selection and sourcing of stone
– durability and weathering assessment of stone and related product
– detailed investigation into stone and construction material failures
– performance and development of quality assurance programs and specifications

Our Commitment

Stone Initiatives recognises that a client wants:

– high quality service at a competitive price,
– their needs to be dealt with efficiently, competently and confidentially,
– to be kept informed about the progress of their work,
– their samples to be handled safely and securely,
– to converse with someone knowledgeable and interested in their requirements, and
– to deal with someone who is committed to quality and dedicated to fulfilling their needs.

We aim to fulfil the needs of our clients and we pride ourselves in being a leader in our field.

Our Mission

Stone Initiatives will at all times actively respond to the changing needs of our clients in a confidential and professional manner. Our mission is to assist our clients in the production and specification of quality procedures and products for use in the built environment by providing a comprehensive and innovative materials testing and consulting service.