Facades and cladding surfaces

Building facade

We provide independent testing of facade and cladding surfaces that utilise natural stone. Appropriate testing conducted by experienced technicians validates engineering calculations and assists architects, engineers and other stakeholders in ensuring that their proposed facade or cladding surface is fit for purpose.

Why is testing needed?

Our specialist technicians can test your stone facade and cladding products to help ensure your project meets relevant Australian Standards and building code requirements. Thorough product testing before installation is also important because it can help to prevent issues such as cracking, warping or even detachment from the building. If problems such as these are already beginning to occur on your project, visit our failure investigation page and get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Facade and cladding-related tests include:

• Flexural strength
• Modulus of rupture
• Dimensional stability
• Coefficient of thermal expansion
• Water absorption
• Bulk specific gravity
• Durability / Resistance to salt attack

Stone anchorage testing

Stone anchorage testing involves testing the failure load of individual anchors to the intended stone type in accordance with test method ASTM C1354. These fixtures are often metal pins, brackets, or proprietary fittings such as Fischer Bolt back anchors or StoneClips. Anchors are typically fixed within the stone with a compatible epoxy or structural silicone. A project facade engineer with specific site knowledge can use the results we provide to determine suitability of the anchorage system for the intended use.

AGCS Singapore. Stone Initiatives carried out a complete inspection of the granite cladding for compliance to the specification requirements.

Specialised testing, experienced technicians

Our experienced technicians can assist with a range of tests for stone facades and stone cladding surfaces. This includes stone anchorage systems – whether they are pins, brackets or StoneClip fixings. Get in touch to discuss your specific project requirements.

For FAQs relating to the testing of stone facade and cladding surfaces, including sample requirements, see here.