Specialist consultants, NATA-accredited lab

How is stone evaluated?

At Stone Initiatives we spend time upfront learning about your project and the stone product to be evaluated. This important step gives us a solid understanding of what we are testing, at what thickness and size, for what and where it will be used, and what you’d like to achieve by using this particular type of material.

Representative sampling is very important – if we’re testing your product for a particular project, it’s best to test from a batch that is going to be used, at a relevant thickness and finish. Ship your samples to our NATA-accredited laboratory in Adelaide, or we can perform some tests on site in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, across Australia and internationally.

Product evaluation experts

With decades of knowledge and experience in product testing and evaluation services, we’ve developed a suite of in-house testing methods to help determine fitness for use. These include various tests for strength, water absorption, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, durability and petrographic examination.

We also choose relevant tests from the range of Australian and International Standards that are most appropriate for your job, taking into account your specific project specifications. Once the testing has been completed, we work with you to ensure you understand what the test results mean and how you can use the results for the benefit of your product or project. Learn how our stone testing and evaluation services can support your project – get in touch.

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